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Labour Party’s Peter Gregory Obi’s Plea for Live Telecast of Presidential Election Petition Court Proceedings Denied

ByWeb Manager

May 22, 2023

In a development reminiscent of Atiku Abubakar’s unsuccessful attempt, Peter Gregory Obi, the Labour Party’s candidate in the recent presidential election, has also been denied his plea for live coverage of the Presidential Election Petition Court proceedings, a crucial platform for Nigerians to witness the legal process.

The Court justified its decision by pointing out that Obi failed to provide any legal basis to support his request. Justice Haruna Simon Tsammani, who delivered the ruling, emphasized that arrangements and funding for live streaming of court proceedings should ideally be established before the trial of any petition begins.

Furthermore, the Court observed that Obi did not demonstrate any specific disadvantages he would face if the proceedings were not broadcasted live to the public.

After thoroughly evaluating the request, the panel of five Justices unanimously concluded that it lacked merit both in terms of its content and substance, leading to its outright dismissal.

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