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APC Gubernatorial Aspirant, Prince Kassim Afegbua, Decries Economic Predation in Edo State

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Jan 8, 2024

Prince Kassim Afegbua, an aspirant for the All Progressive Congress (APC) gubernatorial ticket in Edo State, has expressed concern over what he describes as the state “bleeding profusely” in the hands of economic predators. Afegbua voiced his lament during a meeting with APC leaders and party supporters in Afuze, Owan East local government area of Edo State.

Accompanied by a sizable group of youths and party leaders, Afegbua delivered his message of “LET’S UNITE EDO” to the people, emphasizing the urgent need for a “surgical operation” to rescue the state from economic stagnation and social malaise.

Afegbua criticized the current state of affairs, stating, “Edo State has been brutally wounded and urgently needs a surgical operation to rescue it from economic stagnation and social malaise. Our dear state is bleeding profusely in the hands of economic predators who have dealt a devastating blow to our collective patrimony. The state is getting poorer while their pockets are getting richer by the day.”

He accused the present Edo State government of failing in all aspects and questioned why the state faces such challenges despite receiving substantial resources and allocations from the Federal Government. Afegbua expressed his determination to prevent further exploitation of the state’s resources, declaring, “Never again shall we allow interlopers to rape us hollow and deliver failure on our doorsteps.”

The APC members in Owan East responded positively to Afegbua’s message, appreciating his understanding of the issues and his proposed solutions for accountable leadership and good governance. Afegbua outlined plans to attract local and foreign investments, increase internally generated revenue, and create infrastructure like Trailer Parks and industrial hubs.

Addressing party members, Afegbua urged them to resist the influence of moneybags and vote for him to secure the party’s ticket, promising a government characterized by transparency and citizen participation in governance. The APC members praised Afegbua’s courage and capacity, viewing him as the candidate needed to address the current challenges across the state.

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