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Rehoboth Hills International Unveils Anora City, a Paradigm Shift in Luxury Living

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Jan 10, 2024

In a significant move set to redefine luxury living in Nigeria, Rehoboth Hills International Limited proudly announced the launch of Anora City, its latest venture in the real estate sector. The unveiling ceremony is scheduled for the 13th of January, 2024, at the prestigious Anora City Estate in Ketu, Epe.

Founded with a vision to revolutionize the real estate landscape in Nigeria, Rehoboth Hills is no stranger to excellence in project delivery and top-notch customer service. Anora City, situated strategically amidst notable landmarks such as Africa’s Largest Food & Logistics Hub, Lagos Film City, and Epe Resort & Spa, aims to be a symbol of sophistication and exclusivity.

An Investment Oasis
Anora City is more than just a luxury estate; it’s a promising investment opportunity. Surrounded by key developments like the Largest Lagos Film City, the proposed Lekki International Airport, and the bustling Lagos Food & Logistics Hub, Anora City presents an enticing proposition for individuals seeking both opulence and financial gain.

Unlocking Accessibility
What sets Anora City apart is its commitment to making luxury accessible. The estate boasts 100% dry land, ensuring a secure foundation for dreams to flourish. With a flexible payment structure requiring only a N300k initial deposit and accommodating payment plans spanning 3-12 months, Anora City is designed to bring dreams of luxury living within reach.

Gateway to Success
Anora City isn’t just a residential estate; it’s a gateway to success and innovation. Rehoboth Hills invites individuals between the ages of 21-65 and above to experience a lifestyle defined by security, exclusivity, and leisure. The estate promises lush green spaces, 24/7 security, a recreational center, and drainage systems — meticulously designed to elevate urban living to unparalleled standards.

Countdown to Grandeur
The grand launch event is scheduled for the 13th of January, 2024, at the Anora City Estate, Epe. Rehoboth Hills International invites all stakeholders, potential investors, and those intrigued by the promise of Anora City to witness the dawn of a new era.

In the words of Ezekiel Shojupe, MD/CEO of Rehoboth Hills International, “A life worth living is a life lived for others.” This ethos drives the organization’s commitment to providing viable, safe, and convenient investment portfolios in the real estate industry.

As the countdown begins, all eyes are on Anora City, where luxury and investment seamlessly converge, and where dreams find a solid foundation. Stay tuned for more updates as Rehoboth Hills International prepares to redefine urban living.

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