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Senator Saliu Mustapha Calls on Military to Intensify Efforts Against Bandits and Terrorists, Commends Soldiers’ Dedication

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Jan 8, 2024

Senator Saliu Mustapha, representing Kwara Central senatorial district in the National Assembly, has urged the Nigerian military to increase their efforts in securing the nation by eliminating bandits and terrorists. He conveyed this message while expressing commendation for the resilience and commitment exhibited by Nigerian soldiers in safeguarding the country’s territorial integrity.

Senator Mustapha delivered his commendation during the decoration ceremony of Brigadier General Hussein Braimo, who recently received a promotion from Colonel to Brigadier General. While acknowledging the formidable challenges faced by the Nigerian Army, Senator Mustapha praised the dedication of the military personnel in fulfilling the constitutional mandate of protecting the nation’s vital interests and ensuring overall security.

Recognizing the military’s success in addressing emerging security challenges, Senator Mustapha urged the recently elevated officers to view their promotions as a call to redouble their efforts in eliminating bandits and terrorist groups that threaten the nation.

Senator Mustapha expressed joy at Brigadier General Hussein Braimo’s elevation, describing him as a distinguished, intelligent, and incorruptible military officer. He conveyed his congratulations and encouraged Braimo to remain dedicated and committed to serving the country. The senator concluded by extending his prayers for Braimo’s continued success and advancement in his military career.

“I rejoice with Brig Gen Hussein Braimo on his recent elevation from Colonel to Brigadier General. This is a testimony of his hard work, commitment, and dedication to the service of our dear country. He is a great officer of the Nigerian Army and highly committed to the fight against insurgency. I am really happy when I read the news that he was amongst the officers recently elevated. It is my prayer that Almighty Allah will allow him to reach the zenith of his military career,” Senator Mustapha stated.

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