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President Biden Leads Memorial Day Commemoration at Arlington National Cemetery

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May 30, 2023

President Joe Biden, alongside First Lady Jill Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and Harris’ husband Douglas Emhoff, led the Memorial Day observances at Arlington National Cemetery, urging Americans to honor the sacrifice made by generations of U.S. troops and ensure that their ultimate sacrifice was not in vain.

During the 155th National Memorial Day Observance, President Biden laid a wreath adorned with flowers and a red, white, and blue bow. He bowed his head in prayer and delivered a heartfelt address, paying tribute to the valor and dedication exhibited by those who fought to protect American democracy.

In his speech, President Biden emphasized the importance of caring for U.S. service members both during their active duty and in civilian life. Recently, he signed legislation expanding federal healthcare services for millions of veterans who were exposed to toxic smoke from burn pits on military bases.

Following the ceremony, the Bidens returned to their home near Wilmington, Delaware. The Memorial Day holiday coincided with an agreement reached between President Biden and Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to raise America’s debt limit, pending approval by Congress.

As Ukraine faces a Russian invasion, the United States finds itself leading a coalition of allies in providing substantial military and economic aid. President Biden reiterated his stance of not deploying U.S. troops to the conflict but expressed his commitment to assisting Kyiv in repelling the aggression by supplying artillery, tanks, and drones.

President Biden drew a parallel between the sacrifices made by the approximately 400,000 Americans laid to rest at Arlington and the ongoing work of U.S. troops deployed worldwide. He emphasized that the impact of fallen servicemen and women extends far beyond the solemn grounds of Arlington’s silent stones.

Nearly 21 months have passed since President Biden oversaw the end of the United States’ longest war in Afghanistan. Since then, his administration has ushered in a period of relative peace for the U.S. military after two decades of engagement in Afghanistan and Iraq. The war’s conclusion under President Biden’s watch occurred in August 2021, marked by tragic and chaotic circumstances.

The Memorial Day observances at Arlington National Cemetery serve as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made by brave men and women in uniform. President Biden’s leadership in honoring their memory and advocating for the well-being of service members highlights the nation’s commitment to upholding the values for which they fought.

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