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Osun 2026, Exchange of Words Between APC National Secretary, Basiru, and PDP

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Oct 14, 2023

During a gathering in Osogbo on Friday, the National Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Ajibola Basiru, expressed his optimism that the APC is preparing to assume power in Osun State in 2026.

Addressing APC members, Basiru encouraged them to start mobilizing for the upcoming 2026 gubernatorial election. He also criticized the state governor, Ademola Adeleke, for what he perceived as a lack of transparency in urban renewal projects.

Basiru remarked, “The much-touted borehole per ward is a sham. Any government built on deceit and propaganda is destined to crumble.”

In addition, the APC’s national secretary sympathized with the state’s workers, who, he claimed, were experiencing hardship. He questioned the utilization of the initial N2 billion palliative fund from the Federal Government, stating, “I sympathize with Osun workers for enduring increased hardship. What has Adeleke done with the first tranche of N2 billion from the Federal Government, while states like Kwara, Ekiti, Ogun, Lagos, Imo, Anambra, Kano, and even Kebbi, with war-ravaged Borno, have brought relief to their workers on top of their salaries? Has any Osun worker received even a cup of rice from the bags distributed by the Osun PDP from the Federal Government? The federal allocation to Osun has significantly increased, but unfortunately, this increase has not translated into improved workers’ welfare or tangible projects for the people.”

In response, the Osun Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), through its party chairman, Sunday Bisi, advised Basiru to abandon any illusions of his party’s return to power in the state.

Bisi characterized the statement attributed to the APC National Secretary as a baseless fantasy that is far from the current reality in Osun, both now and in the foreseeable future. He said, “Basiru’s statement ignores the commendable progress and positive changes in Osun State under Governor Adeleke’s leadership, following the clear rejection of him and his ineffective political associates, who were primarily focused on looting and undermining the state.”

Bisi also suggested that Basiru’s assertions regarding the APC’s resurgence in 2026 demonstrated his failure to understand the present situation in Osun. He criticized Basiru’s disregard for the ongoing positive developments in the state, highlighting his detachment from the needs and aspirations of the people.

Bisi added, “In a more reasonable context, Basiru should have no role in governance, as his primary goal seems to be using political office to oppress and engage in self-serving displays. This is why his statements often miss the mark, serving his interests and lacking rationality.”

The Osun PDP chairman further accused Basiru of using the politics of poverty to subdue the people, preventing them from gaining independence and self-determination.

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