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Nigeria’s President Buhari Calls for Unity Amidst Growing Tensions

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Apr 27, 2023

President Muhammadu Buhari has called for unity among Nigerians amidst growing tensions in the country. In a televised address, Buhari urged citizens to put aside their differences and work together towards building a better Nigeria.

The President’s call for unity comes after weeks of protests and unrest in various parts of the country, with citizens expressing dissatisfaction over rising insecurity, economic hardship, and perceived government inaction.

Buhari acknowledged the challenges faced by Nigerians but urged citizens to remain calm and patient as the government works to address the issues. He also reiterated his commitment to improving security, creating jobs, and providing basic amenities for all Nigerians.

The President’s speech has been met with mixed reactions from Nigerians, with some commending his message of unity while others criticize the government’s handling of the country’s challenges.

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