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Flagging The Conscience Of Truth

MrMacaroni and Aisha Yesufu: Advocating for Justice and Accountability in Nigeria

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Sep 14, 2023

Front-line female human rights activist, Comrade Aisha Yesufu, has emphasized the importance of not moving on from issues in the quest for justice and the eradication of evil and wickedness in society. Her comments came in response to statements made by Nigerian comedian MrMacaroni regarding the prevalence of evil and injustice with impunity. MrMacaroni had lamented the lack of consequences for actions, particularly among those who perpetrate evil acts.

Aisha Yesufu echoed MrMacaroni’s sentiments and stressed the need for good people to be more tenacious than evil forces. She asserted that until good individuals display unwavering commitment to seeking justice, the perpetrators of evil, even if they are in the minority, will continue to have the upper hand.

“Until good is more tenacious than evil, the evil ones even though smaller in number will continue to have the upper hand,” Yesufu stated. She also called on people to resolve not to move on from critical issues, emphasizing the importance of persistence in pursuing justice and confronting injustice.

MrMacaroni had highlighted the prevalence of evil, wickedness, and injustice in society, attributing it to the lack of consequences for wrongful actions. He argued that evil individuals continue to escape accountability because good people often hesitate to confront them.

In response to these concerns, Aisha Yesufu shared MrMacaroni’s views and expressed solidarity with the idea that good people must decide they have had enough. She further emphasized the need to disable systems that enable state capture and perpetuate injustice.

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