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Lagos State Authorities Take Drastic Measures, Oyingbo and Alayabiagba Markets Sealed for Environmental Violations

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Sep 25, 2023

In a decisive move to combat improper waste disposal and other environmental transgressions, the Lagos State Government has ordered the immediate closure of Oyingbo and Alayabiagba markets, both situated in Lagos Mainland. This significant development was announced via an official statement released by the Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) on Monday.

LAWMA’s action comes after numerous admonitions directed at markets throughout the state, urging them to abandon unclean practices and adopt environmentally responsible habits.

Muyiwa Gbadegesin, the Managing Director of LAWMA, justified the closure of these markets by highlighting their repeated failure to adhere to the state’s Environmental Protection Laws. Despite LAWMA’s persistent efforts to enhance environmental conditions across the state, some individuals and markets have obstinately disregarded these laws and regulations.

Gbadegesin emphasized that individuals, traders, and markets that persist in flouting environmental laws will face legal consequences as deemed necessary.

He cautioned that other markets engaging in irresponsible waste disposal and environmental violations would suffer similar stringent penalties if they fail to reform. Gbadegesin also held executive members of such markets accountable for their actions.

“It is imperative that we hold businesses accountable for their environmental responsibilities. This enforcement action by LAWMA aims to promote a culture of compliance and create a more livable city for all residents. I also want to emphasize that once a market is closed, it would meet all requirements before being reopened for business,” Gbadegesin declared.

Furthermore, a list of markets at risk of imminent closure was provided, including the Tejuosho Model Market Phase 1, Ladipo Market in Mushin, Anjorin Market, Irewolede Plank Market, Idi-Araba Obele Market, Oni Baba Market, Oba Morufu International Market (formerly known as Ejigbo Market), Ijora 7UP Market, Okeafa Plank Market, Ifelodun Fruit Market in Amukoko, and others.

In a related development, Gbadegesin revealed plans to dismantle illegal market structures that have sprung up across the metropolis. These structures, including the Fiki Marina fruit market, Victoria Island market by Abraham Adesanya roundabout in Ajah, Jakande market by Jakande bus stop, Traders Opposite Oniru Market in Oniru, and New Road Market by New Road Bus Stop, have posed safety hazards, disrupted traffic flow, and hindered urban planning efforts.

Gbadegesin stressed the importance of removing illegal market structures for urban planning and development, enabling proper zoning and space allocation to ensure a well-organized and visually pleasing cityscape.

He further disclosed LAWMA’s intent to collaborate with market associations, local authorities, and relevant stakeholders to ensure the success of these initiatives. The agency aims to provide guidance and support to markets in establishing efficient waste management systems in compliance with established regulations.

Gbadegesin concluded by urging markets in the state to endorse and follow stipulated waste management guidelines. With the concerted efforts of LAWMA and the cooperation of residents, the state is poised to witness substantial improvements in waste management, resulting in a cleaner and healthier environment for all.

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