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Intraparty Tensions: Nasarawa PDP Faces Strain as Senator Ewuga Throws Support Behind Governor Sule

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Dec 9, 2023

The Nasarawa State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is currently grappling with internal discord as former Deputy Governor and ex-Minister, Senator Solomon Akku Ewuga, publicly declares his endorsement for Governor Abdullahi Sule of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

This revelation comes at a crucial juncture, just ahead of the anticipated Supreme Court judgment in the Nasarawa State governorship election dispute.

Senator Ewuga, addressing journalists after a visit to the Government House on Friday, voiced his belief that Governor Sule was legitimately re-elected by the people of Nasarawa State.

Expressing confidence in the governor’s leadership capabilities, Ewuga clarified that his endorsement stemmed from a sense of duty to support what he perceives as the right course.

While discussing his political involvement, Senator Ewuga stated, “I have been out of circulation for a reason. But by any definition, man is a political animal. And so you never get removed totally from the process that engages people in politics. That is the scenario in Nasarawa State.”

In emphasizing Governor Sule’s credentials, Ewuga drew on the leader’s public service and private sector experiences, applauding his potential contributions to governance in the state.

“Deal with the person you have in front of you, and the person I am dealing with is Engineer Abdullahi Sule. He has had varied experience, private sector experience. These experiences impact on the way he conducts himself. And you see it. My own wish all the time is for him to be successful,” he remarked.

Addressing his potential return to the APC, Senator Ewuga clarified that, although he no longer harbors political ambitions, he is returning to the foundation he laid to see it through completion.

“I am coming to the foundation we laid. If you are coming back to the foundation you laid, wouldn’t you desire the building to be completed? I think it’s only proper to do the right thing,” he emphasized.

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