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Flagging The Conscience Of Truth

Ex-Agitators in Niger Delta Demand NDDC Management’s Departure Within Five Days

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Jul 22, 2023

Ex-agitators from the Niger Delta region, organized under the Coalition of Ex-agitators of Niger Delta (CEND), have issued a five-day ultimatum to Dr. Samuel Ogbuku-led management team of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) to vacate the commission. The ex-agitators accuse the team of flaunting the directive of President Ahmed Tinubu.

CEND specifically warned that failure to comply with the ultimatum would result in them occupying the NDDC offices and disrupting its activities. They claim that Ogbuku and his team are occupying their offices illegally, and express their disbelief that the management team is operating against the directive of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

According to the statement, “Our President gave an express order dissolving all parastatals and agencies of the federal government. The NDDC was affected because it wasn’t among those constitutionally exempted by the directive.

“But we understand that some persons close to the President spearheaded the conspiracy that allowed Ogbuku and others to remain as a management team of the NDDC. It is illegal”.

Alalibo insisted that after studying the scenario and investigating the development, it was misnomer and unconstitutional to allow part of a dissolved board to remain in office.

“This is not the era of former President Muhammadu Buhari when presidential directives, which are supposed to be sacrosanct no matter, were treated with kid gloves and flouted with flagrant impunity.

“The order of our president must stand because there is no sacred cow and no preferential treatment. NDDC should not always be a victim of lawlessness, a fate it suffered throughout the administration of Buhari”, Alalibo said.

Alalibo insisted that the Ogbuku team should immediately hand over the running of the commission to the most senior director in NDDC adding that the current status was sabotaging the interests of all stakeholders and member states.

He advised that the current peace in the Niger Delta must be protected by the Federal Government by avoiding decisions that could send wrong signals in the Niger Delta.

“The present management team of NDDC is illegal. The President has dissolved all parastatals and commissions including the present NDDC board. But some people conspired to allow Ogbuku lead a management team of the NDDC and he is still being addressed as the MD.

“We are calling on President Tinubu to take immediate action. We give the Ogbuku-lead team five days to vacate the NDDC for peace to be maintained in the region. We are saying that after five days if the needful is not done we are going to shut down the NDDC and barricade it. It is going to be pressure for pressure and we will hold the government responsible for whatever happens.

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