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Edo State APC Chairman Urges Governor to Exercise Fiscal Caution

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Jul 14, 2023

Col. David Imuse rtd. raises concerns over Benin River Port project and potential reckless debt accumulation

Edo State, Nigeria – In a stern warning to Governor Godwin Obaseki, the Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Edo State, Col. David Imuse rtd., has urged the governor to exercise caution and avoid plunging the state into excessive debt. The chairman’s statement comes in response to the recent announcement by the state government regarding the emergence of a preferred bidder for the financing of the Benin River Port construction project.

Expressing his concerns, Dr. Imuse emphasized the potential dangers of Governor Obaseki’s tendency to engage in dubious Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) and partnerships, which have become characteristic of his seven-year tenure. The chairman warned that involving foreign investors in such agreements at this late stage could have severe consequences for the state.

Governor Obaseki’s pursuit of the Benin River Port project has raised apprehension among political circles, particularly regarding the financial implications it may bring to Edo State. Col. Imuse’s statement serves as a timely reminder to the governor of the importance of fiscal responsibility and prudence in managing the state’s resources.

“Just a few days ago, the government disclosed that they have discovered a preferred bidder to finance the construction of the Benin River Port Project as it beat its chest that it is the jumping of a 75-year hurdle.”

Imuse who decried the effort of the government at this time whereas it has slept on the idea since 2016.

“Obaseki promised to build the Benin Port in 2016, raising hopes for development and job creation. He announced the formation of a committee to the effect in 2017, but it was nothing more than an empty gesture.

“In 2018, he claimed he signed a dredging contract with a China Harbor Engineering Company (CHEC), touting it as a crucial step towards the Benin Port Project.

“However, this contract was simply a facade to create an illusion of progress. The port remains nonexistent with no significant progress made.”

Col Imuse added that: “Obaseki’s claim of scaling a 75-year hurdle is another fallacy.

“There was no Nigeria or Edo State 75 years ago, exposing the falseness of his statement.

“We advise these investors to be wary of Governor Obaseki’s assurances of his government’s full support to ensure that the project is completed in good time and deliver value to port users because it is a hoax.”

Col Imuse concluded that: “Governor Godwin Obaseki’s tenure in Edo State has been marked by fictional legacies.

“His promises of prosperity, economic growth, and job creation have been nothing but illusions, leaving the people of Edo State disillusioned and betrayed. He must not be allowed to continue on this path.” The APC Chairman and Governorship aspirant said.

The chairman’s warning highlights the need for the government to prioritize the economic well-being of the state and avoid hasty decisions that may burden future generations with excessive debt. As the state moves forward, it remains to be seen how Governor Obaseki will address these concerns and ensure the sustainable development of Edo State while fostering a favorable investment climate.

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