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ECOWAS Ultimatum on Niger Junta Reignites Sovereignty Debate, Shehu Sani Cautions Tinubu

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Aug 3, 2023

Former Senator representing Kaduna Central at the National Assembly, Senator Shehu Sani, has issued a warning to President Bola Tinubu regarding the recent power cut to Niger. Sani urged Tinubu not to be influenced by France in this matter, emphasizing that the people of Niger should have the right to determine their own governance.

The power outage in Niger was implemented as part of a strategy to exert pressure on the military junta that ousted President Mohamed Bazoum. ECOWAS leaders have also issued a one-week ultimatum to the junta, led by General Abdourahmane Tchiani, demanding the reinstatement of Bazoum. The situation has sparked concerns about external interference and calls for respect for the sovereignty and self-determination of Niger’s people.

He said: “The reported Nigerian alleged tampering with electricity supply to Niger Republic is wrong. We must not use power supplies as a means of political blackmail.

“It will not change anything. If Niger decides to build their power station across their part of the River Niger, our Kainji Dam will be rendered useless.

“President Tinubu and ECOWAS leaders should allow the people of Niger to decide on how they want their country to be governed. Don’t be instigated by France to go to war that we don’t need.

“When we had a military regime, we fought to free ourselves; let them make their decisions.”

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