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Dio Vince Company Ltd: Importing and Selling Quality Bakery and Kitchen Equipment in Nigeria

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Feb 22, 2023

Nigeria’s food industry has seen remarkable growth over the years, with new restaurants, hotels, and bakeries springing up all over the country. As more and more people invest in the food business, the demand for quality commercial bakery machines, kitchen equipment, and other related products is also on the rise. Dio Vince Company Ltd is a leading importer and seller of high-quality industrial equipment, helping bakers, chefs, and food business owners in Nigeria to meet their equipment needs and produce quality food products efficiently.

In an interview with the founder of Dio Vince Company Ltd, he shared his inspiration for starting the business and how he got started in the industry. “After graduating from the university, having studied mathematics at the Federal University of Technology Owerri, and serving in 2019, I sought a job but it proved difficult. My uncle was already in the business of importing and selling bakery equipment and other products, which is why I considered it among others, and had to finally settle for it because I love machines and I think the industry of Food businesses in Nigeria still have a step further to go in the nearest future which is manufacturing some equipment here in the country. Though some people are already on it, I know I can bring more light to it so I’m currently working on it.”

Dio Vince Company Ltd offers a variety of products and services to meet the needs of different food businesses in Nigeria. “The most popular products and services offered by my company will be the sales and installation of bakery equipment for a new or existing but improved bakery, setting up a commercial kitchen for hotels, restaurants, and fast food as well as setting up a supermarket with all the necessary accessories. Our types of equipment make life easier for bakers and chefs because, with it, they can make a variety of dishes and pastries effectively with the help of those machines as it brings speed, precision, and control work,” the founder explained.

The company ensures that the products they import and sell meet the highest standards of quality and safety by partnering with reputable manufacturers and suppliers in Europe and Asia. “Before I came into the industry, there were top players who already have a standard they are working with, so I keyed in but I’m very sure with time and improved cash flow, I will be able to negotiate for better quality in some cases where I have noticed that it can be better,” the founder added. The company also stays up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in the industry, although he acknowledged that Nigeria is slow to embrace innovative solutions.

Dio Vince Company Ltd offers repair and maintenance services, with different engineers specialized in different types of machines. “The refrigeration and cooling equipment have engineers. The cooking and baking machines have their engineers also. We have both certified engineers and their trainees who occasionally undergo workshops organized by a group of companies of which we are included to improve themselves even in customer relations.”

The company has been involved in successful projects and partnerships with big names in the Nigerian food industry. “To share but a few, the famous Ebeano Supermarket gets its equipment from our company for all of its branches, Dof bakers Calabar was set up by us, and Mimie chin-chin Uyo got their equipment from us, we also did all the installations for them. The most important lesson I have learned is that a well-served customer is a link to much more business,” the founder shared.

Dio Vince Company Ltd aims to stay ahead of the curve by working closely with bakers and chefs to understand their pain points and find ways to help solve their problems. “The future of our industry is a promising one, though, like most other sectors, it is suffering from the general economic instability of the country.

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