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Customer Value and Resilience: The Success Story of Winword Infotech Hub

ByWeb Manager

Feb 21, 2023

Our guest today is the founder of Winword Infotech Hub, a business that has been making waves in the tech industry. With a mission to create solutions out of an empty pocket, our guest has been able to build a business that provides top-notch services to their customers. Join us as we learn more about the secrets behind their success and how they have been able to overcome the challenges of running a business in a difficult economy.

Could you tell us more about Winword Infotech Hub and what inspired you to start this business?

Thank you, the WINWORD INFOTECH HUB (WIT HUB) is an inspiration from the Holy Bible- Out of the shapeless & voidness of the earth, God won the enemy to create the earth & man full of glory. His raw material is the WORD. WIT HUB is the short form of the business name. WIT here talks of God’s Wisdom.

What inspired me to start the business is: To create solutions out of an empty pocket and yet in lawful ventures. I knew that demands Godly Wisdom, so the phrase, WIT HUB.
Our business focuses on solving problems & creating opportunities out of a frustrating economy. Technology happens when humans invent a new way that better improves their daily experiences. We focus on enhancing people’s experiences in communication, business, work, career, and family relationships via reinventing or inventing solution-oriented, customer value and profit maximization technological products and services.

How has the response been so far from your customers, and what challenges have you faced while running the business?

Yes, I could say due to the integrity & experiences I have via some businesses I ran before WIT HUB, most of the customers’ responses never sounded disheartening to me. The way we view customers’ responses depends on our knowledge of human nature and their inherent attitudes. Responses to our marketing, sales & feedback have been relatively encouraging. However, we have faced some levels of bad times from some customers due to bad experiences they have with malfunctioning products or some who intentionally claim refunds after they have spoiled or used goods purchased for a long time.

Could you elaborate on the multiple services offered by Winword Infotech Hub, including phone and laptop accessories, ICT consultancy, phone and laptop repairs, and sales of electrical and electronics?

On phone & laptop accessories, presently, we offer retail but plan to offer wholesale as the business grows. Many people, in our country, have issues with tech products, services & usage due to not being IT compliant. Again, ICT training is a promising career path. So, we will offer assistance to customers who buy gadgets or repair phones or computers with us but have issues using them. By training engineers in competent IT solutions, we develop people skills, create jobs, inspire inventions & refurbishment some mobile & the computer products in circulation. Electricals and electronics are one of the businesses registered as parts of our multiple services business, but we’re yet to resume selling it due to capital, good knowledge of it, and human labor.

In the highly competitive market for phone and computer sales, what sets Winword Infotech Hub apart from other businesses in the industry?

Sense of purpose, a genuine desire to solve problems, but not inordinate greed for money. Prioritizing and nurturing customer relationships, current with market trends, dynamic marketing strategies & mastering effective pricing methods. Continuous learning and development of personal skills. Integrity, resilience, and diligence. My experiences( success & failure) in previous businesses is also an edge for survival. Above all, God’s miraculous support.

How important is customer service to the success of Winword Infotech Hub, and how do you ensure that your customers receive the best service possible?

Customer support services are our core focus. In fact, WIT HUB’s motto is VALUE CUSTOMERS, VALUE BUSINESS. We emphasize & practice it. Some of the ways we ensure customers receive the best services are: Transparent or honest about the quality of products we have & their cost variations. This helps buyers make their choice of which gadgets or accessories to go for. We pay attention to questions and do our best to guide customers in choosing tech products and services based on the strength of their pockets and purpose for use. A student or web developer’s phone/laptop need is different from a market trader’s. We do some free delivery services. Again, we give some free servicing for some gadgets. Our follow-up concerns after customers have purchased or received repairs from us strengthen our relationship, and trust & confirm our appreciation to them.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected your business, and what steps have you taken to adapt to the new normal?

The pandemic actually folded up our business. Because I was also facing extreme financial challenges due to my final year projects, mum’s health challenges, etc. The pandemic strongly shook, and business went down for months. But, we rewired the process and started small again. The lessons of the pandemic were favorable to me somehow.
Steps were taken to adapt to the new normal including increasing online marketing, networking, new pricing styles, more strict record keeping, etc.

Could you tell us more about your ICT consultancy and training services, and how they help your customers?

Fear influences customers’ choice & use of tech products & services. Again, tech is rapidly evolving. So, people would always experience some levels of strangeness & skepticism about tech products and services. Therefore, providing consultancy services helps in constant education, expertise knowledge advancement to cope with new trends. Consultations also help customers in choice-making since many companies flood tech markets with lots of brand configurations and qualities. Our training of staff keeps up to date in handling such nature of the industry, keeping our time relevant, resourceful in knowledge and command of expertise and authority in the market. This is how we build a larger customer base & increase sales and profit.

What advice do you have for young entrepreneurs who are looking to start a business in the technology industry?

Embrace the humility & commitment to starting small, building trust, and good knowledge of the industries’ peculiarities. Patience, persistence & self-motivation to keep moving- we have lost money because some goods returned by end users can’t be returned to our suppliers, neither do we get refunds; but we refund many consumers. Sometimes this brings discouragement. Right mindset towards hardworking, then illegal business or fraudulent earnings. Serve your customers with holistic expectations for rewards/profits, but not greedy wants. Most importantly do business as unto God; it will keep an entrepreneur always sensitive and passionate to find solutions to offer & insight to start and resist contrary winds towards set goals.

In the long run, how do you plan to expand Winword Infotech Hub and continue to grow the business?

We continue to seek better ways of marketing, sales strategies, profit increase, investing wisely, advancing in competence, mastering the industry, building young people with uncommon entrepreneurial spirits, trust, humility, passion for excellence & hunger to make positive change in personal economic state and in the nation’s poverty alleviation and mindful of global SDGs. These would help us continue building structures with solid human resources and managerial excellence to track business growth and profit maximization. We so much desire angel investors, who would commit resources to help speed up our business goal, reinvest profits & increase ROI.

Lastly, what message do you have for your customers, and how can they support your business and help it grow?

To our customers, lovers, and supporters of WIT HUB, I reinstate that after God, they’re the reasons we started, they’re the strength we have to continue serving them. We have received not just money, but a wealth of insights from their words of mouth and nonverbal expressions. That has helped us continuously scale up excellence in business.
I’m so grateful to those who patronize and yet have continued recommending us to others. Thanks to some who even committed willingly to handling some of our marketing activities. Thanks to some loyal customers who commit fistfuls of cash in advance even when we do have their demands, agreeing to wait for months to receive our services.

We promise to remain true to our best genuineness by practicing the “Value Customers, Value business” mantra. It compels us to continue improving in all aspects, which will definitely cause growth in value offering and business growth.
We, therefore, urge that they remain true & considerate in their feedback to us. Keep being our good ambassadors and keep patronizing us. We also believe some of our customers could invest in our business. So, we encourage them to come into such a level of relationship with us as we’re ready to utilize such an offer and make good ROI.

Lastly, I want to remind our customers of the advancement in the business we’re currently working on. They will certainly love it once we unfold that.
Thank you so much.

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