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Arewa Youth Group Urges Diplomacy Over Military Action in Niger Republic Post-Coup

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Aug 7, 2023

The Arewa Youth Consultative Forum (AYCF) has reiterated its firm opposition to the utilization of military intervention in Niger Republic following the recent coup that deposed President Mohamed Bazoum.

In a recent statement, the AYCF advised President Bola Tinubu, who holds the position of Chairman of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), the regional body ECOWAS itself, and the African Union (AU), to avoid resorting to military force in addressing the situation in Niger. The AYCF also emphasized the significance of steering clear of confrontation with the military regime in Niger Republic and persuading the coup leaders to relinquish power to the ousted President Mohamed Bazoum, within the timeframe of the ECOWAS seven-day ultimatum.

Yerima Shettima, the President of the AYCF, conveyed these sentiments during an interview on Channels Television. He expressed concerns that any military action initiated by ECOWAS could result in severe consequences for Nigeria, particularly the northern region. Instead of advocating for a military intervention, Shettima, alongside various other stakeholders in Nigeria, recommended that President Tinubu pursue diplomatic channels and engage the military leadership in Niger Republic through dialogue.

Shettima further called upon the military authorities in Niger to promptly initiate a transitional process aimed at reinstating democratic governance within the country within a year. He strongly emphasized that military rule is no longer in line with the prevailing trends in Africa.

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