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APC Youth Alliance Warns of Fractured National Assembly if Akeredolu’s Advice on Zoning is Ignored

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May 15, 2023

A group of All Progressives Congress (APC) youths has urged President-elect Bola Tinubu and the party leadership to take heed of the “patriotic advice” given by party leaders, including Governor Rotimi Akeredolu of Ondo State, regarding the zoning arrangement for the upcoming 10th National Assembly. The youths, under the banner of APC Youth Alliance for Progress (APC-YAP), believe that ignoring these warnings could lead to a divided parliament, particularly in the House of Representatives.

In a statement released in Abuja on Sunday, the APC-YAP called on the party to listen to reason and reconsider the current zoning of the House Speaker position to the Northwest, with Tajudeen Abass as the preferred candidate. They also suggested Benjamin Kalu (Southeast) as Deputy Speaker, Godswill Akpabio (South-South) as Senate President, and Barau Jibrin (Northwest) as Deputy Senate President.

The zoning arrangement has faced opposition and protests from other aspirants for these positions, who have vowed to pursue their ambitions despite the party’s decision.

Governor Akeredolu voiced his concerns about the purported zoning arrangement in a statement titled “Proposed APC Zoning Formula for NASS Leadership Positions is a Skewed Arrangement that Reinforces Injustice and Enhances Inequity.” He expressed worry that the released zoning arrangement “signals attempts to limit the hard-earned presidency of our leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, to a select few with aspirations for Aso Rock Power Buttons.”

Echoing Governor Akeredolu’s sentiments, the APC-YAP statement, signed by Isa Pai and Wahab Adeyemi, argued that it is illogical for the party to reward laziness and perpetuate injustice at a time when inclusion and national healing are needed. They emphasized the urgency for the party to discard the notion of handpicking officers for the 10th House of Representatives, as it would reinforce the perception that the party disregards its own development and democratic principles.

Referring to Governor Akeredolu, the APC-YAP questioned why the party, which allowed an open field in the presidential primaries, would now engage in micro-zoning for the National Assembly as if it were an internal department of the party.

Governor Akeredolu had stated, “It is an insidious notion that the Northeast should be deprived, considering the unsatisfactory generosity displayed by granting two slots to a particular geopolitical zone. It is contradictory to argue, therefore, that the Speaker of the House of Representatives cannot emerge from the Northeast.”

The APC-YAP further criticized the perceived lack of fairness in the party’s approach to zoning, highlighting the need for inclusivity and equal representation. They emphasized that the party should not undermine the principles of party development and democracy by imposing predetermined choices for key positions in the 10th House of Representatives.

The group also raised questions about the party’s decision-making process, pointing out the contradiction between the open field in the presidential primaries and the micro-zoning of National Assembly offices. They stressed that it is essential to consider the diverse interests and aspirations of party members across different regions.

As the debate surrounding the zoning arrangement intensifies, the APC-YAP urged the party leadership and President-elect Bola Tinubu to carefully evaluate the potential consequences of disregarding the advice given by Governor Akeredolu and other stakeholders. They warned that failure to address these concerns may lead to a fractured National Assembly, hampering effective governance and undermining the unity of the party.

The APC-YAP concluded their statement by expressing the hope that the party would prioritize national interest, inclusivity, and the principles of fairness and justice in its decision-making process. They called for a transparent and consultative approach that takes into account the aspirations and contributions of party members from all regions of the country.

As the APC prepares for the inauguration of the 10th National Assembly, all eyes remain on the party’s leadership to see how they will respond to the growing calls for a reconsideration of the zoning arrangement and the potential impact it may have on party unity and the smooth functioning of the legislative arm of the government.

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