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Flagging The Conscience Of Truth

Aisha Yesufu Calls for Universal Standards to Safeguard Democracy

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Sep 1, 2023

Prominent activist Comrade Aisha Yesufu has issued a passionate call for the establishment of universally accepted standards for free, fair, and credible elections worldwide. Her plea emphasizes the critical role of such transparent election standards in preventing the resurgence of military coups in various nations.

Aisha Yesufu, a vocal advocate for democracy and human rights, contends that having diverse standards for electoral processes in different countries poses a significant threat to the sustainability of democratic systems, particularly when flawed elections occur.

She issued her warning just one day before a coup unfolded in Gabon, underscoring the urgency of her message. In a concise statement, Aisha Yesufu stated:

“The world must find a universally accepted standard for free, fair, and credible elections. We cannot continue to have different standards, otherwise, military coups will become the order of the day.

“I shot this video yesterday, and today we have a coup in Gabon.”

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