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Severe Flooding Ravages Five Delta Communities

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Sep 25, 2023

In a distressing turn of events, five riverine communities located in the Warri North Local Government Area of Delta State have fallen victim to extensive flooding, according to reports from the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

The unsettling revelation came from Mr. Kenren Pere, the Councillor representing Ogbinbiri Ward 18 in Asigborodo Community, who disclosed the dire situation to the press in Warri on Monday.

The communities profoundly affected by this inundation crisis are Torukubuagbene, Awanba, Koropigbene, Itagbene, and Asigborodo, along with neighboring areas.

Pere expressed grave concern over the calamity that commenced over a week ago but escalated dramatically on Friday. He urgently called upon the state government to intervene, emphasizing the precarious situation faced by his constituents.

In his words, Pere stated, “While I cannot definitively attribute this catastrophe to either flooding or the heavy, incessant rainfall witnessed recently – although rainfall has been commonplace in the region – we have not previously encountered such a devastating scenario. Countless possessions, including local boats, clothing, essential food supplies, and sources of livelihood, have succumbed to this unfortunate disaster. Lives hang in the balance, rendering it impossible for residents to pursue their daily routines and secure sustenance. Hunger now plagues the afflicted communities.”

Pere further implored the state government to promptly dispatch relief materials, including food supplies, to alleviate the suffering of the affected population.

In an attempt to reach Mr. Smart Asekutu, Chairman of the Warri North Local Government Area for comments, numerous calls were made to his mobile phone, but they went unanswered. WhatsApp messages sent to his phone also remained unacknowledged.

Meanwhile, Mr. Daniel Okpor, the Director of Administration and Finance at the Delta Emergency Management Agency, expressed unawareness of the situation but requested video evidence of the incident to facilitate their assessment and response. He asserted, “We prioritize video evidence over photographs to ascertain whether this incident resulted from flooding or rainfall. In the absence of video footage, you may send photographs for our consideration.”

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