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Police Inspector Sentenced to Death for Killing Phone Dealer in Delta State

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Jun 12, 2024

In a landmark ruling, the Delta State High Court in Asaba has sentenced Inspector Ubi Ebri of the Nigeria Police Force to death for the murder of Onyeka Ibeh, a popular phone dealer.

Presiding over the case, Justice C.D. Diai found Ebri guilty of killing Ibeh on April 5, 2023. The tragic incident occurred when Ibeh and his wife were driving from Ugbolu to Asaba and were stopped by a police team for a search. After a prolonged wait without being attended to, they decided to leave, prompting Ebri to open fire on their vehicle. A bullet struck Ibeh in the head, killing him instantly. His wife, who was in the front seat, was unharmed.

The incident sparked widespread protests by youths in Asaba, who marched through the streets and gathered at the police headquarters, demanding justice for Ibeh.

Following the sentencing, E.H. Edema, a director in the Ministry of Justice and the lead prosecutor, hailed the judgment. “Today’s ruling is a landmark decision because justice has been served for the deceased and society at large,” Edema stated to journalists.

Ifeanyi Ibeh, the deceased’s older brother, also expressed his gratitude to the court for delivering justice to his family. “We commend the court for this judgment,” he said.

This case has brought significant attention to issues of police brutality and the demand for accountability within the Nigeria Police Force.

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