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Osagie’s Pledge: Transformative Action for Benin-Agbor-Onitsha Road and Edo’s Infrastructure

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Nov 27, 2023

Amid the recent protests over the deteriorating state of the Benin-Agbor-Onitsha road, Ogbemudia Bassey Osagie, a prominent contender for the Labour Party ticket in the upcoming Edo Gubernatorial race, has responded with a commitment to transformative change.

Expressing empathy for the inconveniences faced by stranded travellers and the disruption of commercial activities, Osagie recognizes the urgent need for infrastructural overhaul in Edo State. In his statement, he said, “The challenges faced by our people on this road underscore the critical need for immediate attention to our state’s infrastructure.”

Osagie outlined his comprehensive plan to tackle not just the specific issues on the Benin-Agbor-Onitsha road but also the broader infrastructural deficiencies across Edo. He emphasized transparency, collaboration, and strategic investments as key elements of his approach, ensuring sustainable, long-term solutions.

With a background in community policing and over two decades of diverse experience, Osagie pledged to engage with affected communities, local leaders, and stakeholders to formulate effective solutions. “Edo’s progress depends on infrastructure that facilitates economic growth and improves the quality of life for all,” he stated.

As Edo anticipates the 2024 gubernatorial election on September 21, Osagie’s proactive response positions him as a candidate committed to addressing the immediate concerns of the people and implementing visionary solutions for the state’s development. His track record of community-focused leadership and dedication to transparent governance resonates with the aspirations of Edo residents for positive change and improved infrastructure.

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