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New Chairman of Traditional Youth Chief Forum Advocates Unity and Collaboration for National Progress

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Feb 12, 2024

The newly appointed chairman of the Traditional Youth Chief Forum of Nigeria (Sarkin Samarin Nigeria), Alhaji Abdul Hamid Haliru, emphasized the critical juncture that Nigeria finds itself in, asserting the need for a united front and collaborative efforts to overcome current challenges.

In his inaugural remarks delivered in Abuja over the weekend, Haliru called upon Nigerians from diverse political, religious, and ethnic backgrounds to join hands with the government at all levels. He urged them to provide sincere advice and innovative ideas to navigate the country out of its current difficulties.

The Sarkin Samarin Nigeria encouraged Nigerian youths to adopt a positive and creative mindset to assume leadership roles in the country. He pledged to champion the cause of youth advancement and empowerment during his tenure, fostering a generation of leaders today rather than just tomorrow.

Highlighting the critical state of Nigeria, Haliru stressed the importance of unity, stating, “Nigeria is at a very crucial stage; we don’t need opposition at the moment; we need all hands on deck. Everybody can offer very crucial advice and ideas.”

He emphasized the significance of creativity in leadership, stating, “Leadership at whatever level, in whatever capacity cannot be achieved without creativity. It’s not just about the charisma or character of the leader. It requires a lot of creativity.”

Sarkin Samarin Lafia, Aliyu Shehu, representing different Emirate councils in the country, echoed the commitment of traditional youth leaders to guide both the government and young people for the progress of Nigeria. He emphasized the vital role of youths in achieving political, economic, and societal goals.

The Sarauniya Matasa Mata Nigeria, Hajiya Hauwa Gidado, pledged to work collaboratively with the new national leadership of the forum to address youth grievances and concerns. She specifically highlighted issues such as compulsory marriage, lack of empowerment, and limited access to education among female youths.

In conclusion, the leaders expressed their commitment to fostering unity, addressing challenges, and contributing to the progress of Nigerian society.

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