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Farmer, Millicent Oare, Uncovers Potential of Pleurotus Tuber-regium Mushroom

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Jan 19, 2023

A team of researchers led by Millicent Oare, a public administration professional, have made a groundbreaking discovery of the medicinal properties of a local mushroom known as Pleurotus Tuber-regium. This mushroom has been found to have medicinal properties that can help lower high blood pressure and other ailments related to the brain, such as high cholesterol.

The team, comprising of Dr. Emeka Araka, a naturopathic physician, and Mrs. Ngozi Mercy Onuaha, a businesswoman and skills and development coach, have been traveling around the country, particularly in the South East, to create awareness about the potential of this mushroom as an alternative source of income for farmers and a natural alternative to currently available treatments.

Nigerian stamp with the image and inscription of pleurotus tuber-regium.

The cultivation process of Pleurotus Tuber-regium is simple and can be done by even a child of six years old, making it a viable source of income for farmers. The process is easy and less expensive, with as low as 3k you can start a farm, with no need for chemicals or weeding. Furthermore, it can be processed into capsules and liquid for the healthcare industry, and flour for baking, noodles, swallow, and flakes for the food industry.

Mrs. Oare, the founder of Lux Organic Farms, has been researching the mushroom for two years and there are no known side effects or risks associated with using it medicinally. She also states that 10mg of the mushroom is needed to see therapeutic benefits and there are no specific groups of people that should avoid using it.

Mrs. Oare is taking steps to bring this mushroom to the attention of the government, she is using social media to promote it and hopes that the government will support farmers with funds to purchase seedlings. She also states that people can purchase the mushroom through Lux Organic Farms and that she is planning to patent the mushroom or the process of growing it.

In conclusion, this discovery highlights the potential of local resources to make a global impact in the healthcare industry and the potential of entrepreneurship in creating sustainable livelihoods. It also brings attention to the medicinal properties of Pleurotus Tuber-regium and the potential for it to be a valuable source of income for farmers and a natural alternative to currently available treatments.

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