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Flagging The Conscience Of Truth

Faith, Mission, and Impact, Yada Global Network Equips Men for God’s Kingdom

ByWeb Manager

Jul 23, 2023

Everything man on earth is born for a purpose. We are designed to fulfil certain functions. Yada Global Network is a mission driven and faith-based organization that is set up to recruit, disciple, and deploy individuals to influence systems with the culture of Gods kingdom.

This organization has different programs that help to communicate and disseminate sound biblical truths.

The Kingdom Advancement Conference is a yearly conference organized by Yada Global Network; It is a convocation that is designed to empower men to function in the calling on their lives. It is a conference that combines worship, the word, and expressions of the Spirit to empower individuals to carry out their assignments on the Earth.

We believe strongly that no man is born without a specific reason, and this conference is designed to set men back on track to fulfil their assignment.

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