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Flagging The Conscience Of Truth

Exploring diverse perspectives: 10 Worital authors on the richness of their narratives


Apr 23, 2023

In a show of solidarity and positivity, ten of Worital’s accomplished authors recently came together to celebrate the hope and inspiration that can be found within their books. Hosted by Sabistation Media, this virtual event provided a platform for Madu Ibrahim, Dr. Emmanuel Idenyi Shaibu, Dr. Ngozi Odocha, Efemena Upama, Mark Onyekachi, Suanu Moni, Nike Folagbade, Ody Adede Agbor, Brenda Unu, and Dorothy Hirse to share their personal experiences and insights with readers, offering a beacon of hope and encouragement during these trying times.

Author Dr. Emmanuel Idenyi Shaibu’s new book, Business Digest, offers practical and relatable advice on entrepreneurship and business management

Dr. Emmanuel Idenyi Shaibu, author of “Business Digest: A Compendium of Incisive, Practical, and Life-changing Nuggets”, shares that his book was born out of necessity and a desire to make an impact on those who come across it. This compendium is a collection of selected editions of Business Digest written between February 2012 and February 2022, covering areas of finance, business, entrepreneurship, customer service, leadership, mentoring, coaching, and human capital management and development. Written in a relatable style with hands-on examples, the book aims to enlighten and guide those confused about business, finance, and entrepreneurship, and to alleviate the fears of those not ready to read a book. Additionally, the book seeks to bridge the gap between academia and practicality, providing practical steps on how to run a successful business, emphasizing the importance of consistency. The book is available in both hardcopy and softcopy, which can be ordered directly from the links provided. At just 2 hours and 30 minutes, it is a quick but valuable read that can benefit anyone interested in business and entrepreneurship.

The Flag Lieutenant by Madu Ibrahim: A Compelling Read on Values-Based Leadership and Ethics Lessons for Aides-de-Camp

Madu Ibrahim’s book, The FLAG LIEUTENANT, offers a thorough exploration of Values Based Leadership and Ethics Lessons from an Aide-de-Camp. Drawing from his experiences as a Flag Lieutenant to the Flag Officer Commanding Western Naval Command and Naval Training Command, Ibrahim provides detailed guidelines for upcoming Flag Lieutenants and Aides de camp to enhance the professionalism and efficiency of officers who may occupy those positions or similar positions in the civilian world. Dr Vanessa Iwowo, a renowned leadership expert, praises the book’s relevance to personal aides of executives and VIPs in any field of human endeavor. The book highlights the importance of competence for Flag Lieutenants in the discharge of their duties for the preservation of timeless traditions in the Nigerian Navy. Written in an easy-to-read and captivating storyline, The FLAG LIEUTENANT is a must-read with lessons applicable in all settings.

Dr. Ngozi Odocha’s “Look Great at 70”: A Comprehensive Wellness Guide to Living a Happy and Healthy Life

Dr. Ngozi Odocha, the author of “Look Great at 70,” presents a complete wellness manual that is practical and self-reflective. The book is aimed at encouraging readers to take the first step towards making significant, positive, lifestyle changes and setting personal goals. As a 73-year-old lady who looks like she’s 50, Dr. Odocha speaks from personal experience, giving good and practical advice on fundamental health and wellness activities that are worth pursuing. The book is both verbal and visual, and the images add to the overall reading experience. If you’re thinking about focusing on the important areas of your life or living a happy and healthy life, just pick up a copy of “Look Great at 70” and read!

Discover God’s Purpose for Marriage with “Marriage Essentials for Singles” by Efemena Upama: A Comprehensive Guide to Building Strong, Lasting Marriages.

Efemena Upama, the author of “Marriage Essentials for Singles,” presents a comprehensive guide to help singles find the right partner, have a fulfilling courtship, and enjoy a marriage that aligns with God’s intentions. The book is filled with biblical principles, real-life stories, and humor to drive home its points. Upama emphasizes that courtship is a preview of married life and aims to guide singles to lay a solid foundation for a harmonious and fulfilling marriage. The book clearly defines God’s purpose for marriage and offers practical advice on how unmarried and married couples can enjoy this beautiful institution. Upama believes that marriage is one of God’s best gifts to humanity, and she wants everyone to experience the same joy and fulfillment she has in her own marriage. “Marriage Essentials for Singles” is a must-have for both singles and married individuals who desire to build strong, lasting marriages that honor God’s standards and principles.

Discover the Remarkable Accomplishments of 100 Ukwa-Ngwa Icons in Mark Onyekachi’s “A Compendium of Excellence”: A Book that Inspires Hope and Encourages Striving for Excellence.

Mark Onyekachi, the author of “100 Ukwa-Ngwa Icons: A Compendium of Excellence,” believes that the greatness of a nation lies in the remarkable accomplishments of its people. This book celebrates the lives and legacies of 100 illustrious sons and daughters of Ukwa and Ngwa Nations, who have made invaluable contributions to the development of Nigeria and Abia State in particular. The book provides precise biographies, times, and remarkable achievements of these individuals who have displayed exceptional excellence in their life endeavors.

The author believes that the book’s essence is to inspire hope and assurance of success through hard work, consistency, commitment, and discipline. The book highlights the extraordinary accomplishments of these icons, who achieved success amidst different crises, to challenge, motivate, and encourage the youths and next generations of Nigeria to strive for excellence irrespective of the difficulties faced.

The book is a masterpiece, providing a comprehensive insight into seeing further and achieving more, recognizing how these persons won different life and business battles, and achieved more. Reading the lives of these icons can provide a playbook of how to deal with all kinds of situations. It is the first in a series of a compendium of Ukwa-Ngwa Icons, and the author hopes that each volume would continue to celebrate heroes and chronicle their noble deeds in ways posterity can draw inspiration from.

Discover a Contrarian Approach to Navigating the Economic Climate with ‘The Financial House’ by Suanu Moni

The author, Suanu Moni, believes that The Financial House is a relevant book for anyone who is curious about understanding how to navigate the current economic climate and future financial turbulence. The book takes a contrarian approach to tackling and positioning for success in the midst of the world’s transition into the 4th industrial revolution. Moni asserts that readers of the book will get a blueprint for their personal finances as well as receive answers to age old dilemmas that most people face when it comes to money management. The Financial House appears to be a practical guide that provides readers with useful advice on how to manage their finances effectively, especially during the challenging economic times.

Untold Secrets That Wreck Marriages: A guide to healing, restoration, and thriving in marriage

The author of Untold Secrets That Wreck Marriages, Nike Folagbade, believes that despite the negative news in the family space, marriage is still a beautiful institution created by God. Her book aims to help readers understand what causes breakdowns in marriages and how to rebuild them. Readers will learn how to heal from past traumas that affect their identity in the marriage, reconnect with their spouse after years of resentment, and build intimacy with God to strengthen their home. The book also offers strategies to overcome tension and warfare in marriage, navigate different seasons in marriage, break generational cycles of pain and unhappy marriages, and become intentional with bonding with family. Testimonials from readers confirm the value of the book in exposing the works of darkness that militate against God’s agenda for marriage and equipping readers with the mindset, wisdom, and strategies needed for victory. The book is available for purchase on the author’s website.

“Before You Get Married” – A practical guide to building meaningful relationships and preparing for a lasting commitment

The author Ody Adede Agbor’s book, “Before You Get Married,” focuses on the importance of preparing oneself for marriage and building lasting relationships. The book addresses common issues such as why the divorce rate is increasing, why people rush into marriage without proper knowledge, and the challenges of maintaining sexual purity in a world that places little value on abstinence.

The author emphasizes the need to invest time in preparing for marriage and to take the commitment seriously, as it is not to be handled with levity. The book is a practical guide that takes the reader through the process of building a meaningful and godly relationship. It provides answers to common relationship problems and serves as a blueprint for intending couples.

The book has had a significant impact on the lives of readers, with thousands of testimonials from readers in Nigeria and abroad highlighting its life-changing nature. Additionally, the fact that it has become the handbook for Intending Couples in five different churches is proof of its effectiveness in preparing individuals for marriage.

Learn how to build your dream home with expert guidance from a certified architect in “Brick by Brick”

The author Brenda Unu, in her book Brick by Brick, offers guidance to people who want to build their own homes but don’t know how to go about it. She is a certified architect with 18 years of experience in designing and building various types of houses, and she also has personal experience of building two of her own homes. The book covers all aspects of the house project from budgeting, getting a plot of land, hiring architects and engineers, financing, contracting, interior design, and moving in. The book is written in simple English and easy-to-understand analogies, making it accessible to readers who are not architects or engineers. It is also presented as a story, which makes it an enjoyable read. The author emphasizes that Brick by Brick will serve as a practical guide to building a house and will be a valuable reference material for readers who plan to undertake such a project. Readers can purchase a copy of the book at The Bookplaze by WORITAL or connect with the author on Instagram @brenda.Unu.

Dorothy Hirse’s “WE SAY THEIR NAME” offers a comforting and empowering formula for coping with loss and grief

Renowned author Dorothy Hirse has shared that roughly 2.5 million people pass away annually in the United States, leaving behind an average of five grieving individuals each. It is also estimated that 1.5 million children in the US have lost a parent or both parents before they turn 15. While there is no such data available in Nigeria, it is undeniable that the numbers may be slightly more or less. The fact remains that everyone alive has experienced the loss of someone they care for, and that grief is a deep, personal, and lifelong emotion. Dorothy Hirse’s book, WE SAY THEIR NAME: My Journey Through Loss, Grief, and Healing, presents a unique and comforting formula that anyone can use to keep memories alive and empower themselves, without trivializing the pain and agony of the loss. WE SAY THEIR NAME is an essential grief guide, comfort handbook, and companion that every family member needs to own.

The 10 Worital published authors have proven that positivity is a vital ingredient in their books. Their stories, insights, and experiences will undoubtedly inspire readers worldwide to embrace a positive mindset and live their best lives. Sabistation Media and RankBank.org remain committed to promoting positivity and recognizing outstanding literary talents like these authors. We are grateful for the contributions of Worital CEO Fola Folagbade and the support of the literary community in this endeavor.

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