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Edo 2024: LP Candidate, Ogbemudia Bassey Osagie, Responds to Shaibu’s Declaration for Governorship Race

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Nov 29, 2023

In a swift response to the announcement of Edo State Deputy Governor, Mr. Philip Shaibu, officially declaring his intention to seek the ticket of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the forthcoming 2024 governorship election, Labour Party (LP) gubernatorial candidate, Honourable Ogbemudia Bassey Osagie, has expressed his perspective on the unfolding political landscape.

Osagie, a top contender in the upcoming election, acknowledges the democratic process and competition as fundamental elements of a thriving political environment. He emphasizes the importance of a robust campaign season that fosters healthy debate and allows the electorate to make informed decisions about the future leadership of Edo State.

In response to Shaibu’s comments about the need for practical governance, Osagie echoes the sentiment, underlining the significance of competence and experience in leadership. He states, “Edo State deserves a leader who not only understands the needs of the people but also possesses the competence and experience to address the complex challenges our state faces.”

Osagie further emphasizes the importance of proven leadership and a track record of effective governance. He asserts, “While the political landscape may be crowded, the people of Edo State deserve a leader who can hit the ground running, someone with a demonstrated commitment to the welfare and development of our state.”

As the gubernatorial race gains momentum, Osagie looks forward to presenting his comprehensive vision for Edo State. He emphasizes the importance of engaging with the people, understanding their concerns, and presenting practical solutions that will resonate with the diverse communities across the state.

The LP candidate remains committed to a positive and issues-driven campaign, urging fellow candidates to focus on presenting their visions and solutions for the betterment of Edo State. The electorate anticipates a dynamic campaign season as candidates articulate their plans for the state’s future, and Ogbemudia Bassey Osagie positions himself as a candidate dedicated to bringing positive change to Edo State.

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