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Design Spin-off by Sections Pioneers Innovation In Design Through Community

ByWeb Manager

Dec 5, 2023

Sections, Nigeria’s fast growing design community, on 24th, November 2023 hosted a game-changing event—Design Spin-off. More than just an evening of insightful presentations, it was a testament to the community’s passion for breaking barriers and fostering collaboration that goes beyond the ordinary.

Founded by Emmanuel Michael, a seasoned product designer with an eclectic background blending Marketing Communications and Product Design, Sections is a melting pot of relationships, shared learning, and exclusive insights.

The Design Spin-off was hosted at the chic “37 Lagos”. It wasn’t your usual tech event; it was a futuristic gathering, transforming the venue into a living room straight out of a sci-fi novel.

Design Spin-off brought together some of the finest leaders in technology, design, and community builders, all in one room, seamlessly mingling in an atmosphere that felt more like a family reunion than a corporate event. It was about breaking the ice, sparking conversations, and turning ideas into realities.

The speaker lineup included thought leaders across Nigeria’s technology industry. From Ted Oladele from Flutterwave, to Haruna Godwin from Nomba, Alison Eyo from Moniepoint, Dumebi Iwuchukwu from Stears Inc, Bolutife Awakan from Traction, and Emmanuel Michael leading the charge from Multigate. Their talks weren’t just tech jargon; they were stories, experiences, and insights that left everyone in awe.

Behind the curtain were the wizards—Oloruntoba Christopher, Peace Solomon, Daniel Oji, Damilola Oyelere, Bolutife Awakan, and Alex Oyebade—crafting an experience that seamlessly blended tech prowess with community dynamics.

Showgear Limited, Nigeria’s AV powerhouse, partnered with Sections as the event’s main sponsor, joined by other collaborators like Multigate, Fullgap, and Verdac. It wasn’t just about logos on banners; it was about a shared commitment to pushing the boundaries of tech design excellence.

Emmanuel Michael, Founder of Sections also commented on the success, saying, “We are about building a community of designers who would shape the future of technology and design in Africa.
Design Spin-off wasn’t just an event; it was a global design movement”.

Sections is leading a narrative that’s turning heads, breaking molds, and uniting the tech world in a way that’s never been done before, through design.

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