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Delta State House of Assembly Aims to Lead Legislative Practices

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Jan 25, 2024

In a recent development, the Speaker of the Delta State House of Assembly (DSHA), Hon Dennis Guwor, has affirmed the commitment of the House to maintain its position as a pioneer in legislative practices and procedures among state legislatures in Nigeria.

During his opening remarks at a two-day retreat in Asaba, the state capital, focused on the draft 8th Assembly Legislative Agenda, the Speaker emphasized the House’s forward-thinking approach. Guwor highlighted the House’s distinction as one of the first few state legislatures with a legislative agenda, asserting its leadership role in the comity of state legislatures.

Guwor elaborated on the significance of the Legislative Agenda, emphasizing its role as a policy document that will guide the activities of the 8th Assembly. He believes that this agenda will contribute to enhancing the legislative-executive relationship, fostering good governance in Delta State.

Expressing gratitude for the support and commitment of Honourable Members, Guwor acknowledged the groundwork laid by the 7th Assembly in visioning, strategic planning, and agenda setting. He sees the 8th Assembly as having a unique opportunity to build upon the achievements of its predecessor and formulate a legislative agenda tailored to its goals.

The lead facilitator of the retreat, Mr. John Mutu, CEO of the Africa Parliamentary Resource Center, commended the Delta State House of Assembly for its dedication to democratic principles. Mutu revealed that, apart from the Ekiti State House of Assembly and the Lagos State House of Assembly, which had Legislative Agendas in their last sessions, no other State Assembly in the country has developed such a comprehensive legislative document to support good governance.

The draft agenda, as presented, will focus on key areas such as Economic Development, Industrialization, and MSMEs, Environmental Sustainability, Human Capital Development, Infrastructural Development, Public Service Reforms, Agriculture and Food Security. Additionally, it will address the critical aspects of Enhanced Peace and Security, Inclusive and Participatory Governance, and Strengthening the Parliament.

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