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Civil Society Coalition Urges President Tinubu to Address Hunger Crisis or Face Voter Resistance in 2027

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Mar 1, 2024

United Action Front Expresses Concerns Over President Tinubu’s Comments and Calls for Urgent Action on Hunger and Hardship

The United Action Front of the Civil Society, a coalition comprising citizens’ groups and civil society leaders, has called upon President Bola Tinubu to urgently address the prevailing hunger and hardship crisis. The group warned that failure to do so could result in significant voter resistance should he decide to seek votes in the 2027 elections.

Expressing discontent with President Tinubu’s recent comments in Lagos during the commissioning of the red line, where he suggested that Labor should meet him in 2027 and stated that Labor is not the sole voice of the people, the coalition labeled the remarks as delusional and malicious.

In a statement issued by the spokesperson, Mallam Hamisu San Turaki, the group emphasized that the current state of the country demands drastic measures to prevent further escalation of the hunger and hardship being experienced by the Nigerian masses.

The statement warned that unless urgent action is taken, there might be spontaneous mass protests with citizens storming the Aso Presidential Villa and other Government Houses within the next few weeks. The coalition highlighted the critical need for addressing the pervasive anger and disenchantment in the nation, emphasizing that alternative voices, if stifled, could lead to more disruptive outcomes.

The Civil Society coalition advised the Tinubu Government to refrain from chastising Labor for providing an organized and peaceful voice to public discontent. Instead, they urged commendation and encouragement for alternative voices that contribute to dialogue and peaceful change, emphasizing the historical reality that suppressing peaceful change often leads to violent alternatives.

As responsible leaders within the organized Civil Society of Nigeria, the coalition cautioned Tinubu not to perceive organized bodies, such as the NLC, as enemies or politically motivated challengers but as sincere partners in progress. They urged a collaborative approach to address economic challenges, distinguishing these organizations from sycophants within the corridors of power.

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