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“Breaking Boundaries: Her Essence Unleashes Power of Women in Port Harcourt Debut”

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Apr 11, 2024

Port Harcourt, Nigeria – Her Essence, a leading organization dedicated to empowering women, hosted its inaugural event at Osborn La-Palm Royal Resort, on April 6th, 2024. Spearheaded by Beauty Akorvueze-Nwakanma, the event brought together women from diverse backgrounds to engage in discussions surrounding finance, leadership, entrepreneurship, networking, and relationships.

With speakers like Jennifer Awirigwe, Chidinma Eriobu, Mercy Okeke, Wenenda Prince-Amahdi, Alaseidiema Atedoghu, Gloria Ojukwu, Pst Favour Osiri, Tamunotonye Briggs.

With a mission to transform lives and empower women to become better individuals and business owners, the event provided a platform for meaningful dialogue and networking opportunities. Attendees had the chance to share insights, experiences, and strategies for success in various aspects of life and business.

“As the maiden edition of our event, we are thrilled to have provided a space where women can come together to learn, grow, and support one another,” said Beauty Akorvueze-Nwakanma, founder of Her Essence. “Our goal is to continue fostering empowerment and positive change in the lives of women, both now and in the future.”

The event saw enthusiastic participation from over 1200 women eager to connect with like-minded individuals and gain valuable knowledge and skills. From thought-provoking discussions to practical workshops, attendees left inspired and motivated to pursue their goals with confidence.

This event was proudly sponsored by Velox Real Estate Limited alongside other sponsors and partners like Moba design limited, Godiam Global Limited, Hush Homes Limited, Avon HMO, Landpay, Mapemond Consulting, Phronesis foods, webwork tools, Ms Rolly’s crèche, Racelle, 360 Volunteer Network, fotoexclusive and a few others.

Looking ahead, Her Essence is already planning for its next event, scheduled for 2025. With a commitment to empowering women and driving positive change, the organization aims to build on the success of its inaugural gathering and continue making a meaningful impact in the lives of women across Nigeria and beyond

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