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Black Marine Militants Protest Curfew, BnL’s Agitation Continues

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Aug 11, 2023

Tensions escalated as the Black Marine, the militant arm of the Biafra Nations League (BnL) operating in the Bakassi Peninsula and the Gulf of Guinea, reportedly engaged in a rampage on Wednesday night. This unrest was triggered by the dusk-to-dawn curfew imposed on the upland Bakassi region in Cross River State by the Nigerian government.

The group, known as the Black Marine, is affiliated with the Biafra Nations League (BnL) and has voiced strong opposition to the curfew. Their demand is centered on the lifting of the curfew to enable unrestricted movement in the region.

Sources revealed that Princewill Chimezie Richards, the founder of the Biafra Nations League (BnL), issued a stern warning during a live broadcast on Sunrise Daily TV YouTube. He cautioned that continued imposition of the curfew could strain the patience of his supporters.

As the agitation mounted, the Black Marine militants took it upon themselves to enforce compliance with the BnL’s demand. Their objective is to pressure the military to lift the dusk-to-dawn curfew in upland Bakassi, Cross River State.

Witnesses reported that the militants, believed to be part of the Black Marine, staged an incursion into the area around 3:00 AM. Gunshots were heard as they advanced towards the Ikang Jetty.

Residents recounted the unsettling events, sharing that “there were gunshots last night around the Ikang waterways by suspected militants of the Black Marine, a group loyal to the Biafran movement.”

The Biafra Nations League (BnL) has been at the forefront of promoting the Biafra secessionist movement in the Bakassi Peninsula, bolstering the activities of groups like the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). These developments underscore the persistence of the BnL’s agitation and the complexities of regional dynamics in Nigeria.

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