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Atiku’s Aide Rejects Blame for Opposition’s 2023 Election Loss

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Jan 5, 2024

Oladimeji Fabiyi, an aide to former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, has dismissed claims holding his principal responsible for the opposition’s failure to secure victory in the 2023 presidential election. Reacting to social activist Deji Adeyanju’s comments, Fabiyi, who identifies as a PDP Stakeholder, emphasized that Atiku should not be blamed for the election outcome.

Adeyanju had urged Atiku not to contest the 2027 election and attributed the opposition’s loss, including figures like Atiku, Peter Obi, Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, and Nyesom Wike’s G-5, to the victory of President Bola Tinubu. However, Fabiyi redirected the blame, pointing fingers at the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), civil society, and Adeyanju himself.

Fabiyi argued that INEC failed to adhere to its self-imposed regulations for conducting a credible, free, and fair election in Nigeria. He criticized civil society and Adeyanju for remaining silent about these anomalies and instead placing blame on the opposition.

Regarding Atiku’s role, Fabiyi stressed that Atiku is a multi-party democrat and would not intentionally hinder the ambitions of opponents. He suggested that blame for the 2023 Presidential Election should be placed on INEC for its failure to ensure a transparent and fair electoral process.

Highlighting INEC’s shortcomings, Fabiyi pointed out that despite budgeting extensively for the procurement of technologies and infrastructure to ensure transparency, the commission fell short of its mandate. He criticized civil society organizations for overlooking the Court of Appeal’s decision that electronic voting was not compulsory, and he accused them of neglecting to protest against the alleged academic credential forgery by President Tinubu.

In conclusion, Fabiyi called on Adeyanju to refrain from blaming Atiku and instead reflect on his own actions. He questioned the activist’s silence on critical issues and accused him of serving the interests of anti-democratic elements.

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