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APC Leader Urges Caution Among Amalgamated APC Support Groups, Assures Recognition Amid Federal Appointments Agitation

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Dec 11, 2023

Alhaji Salman Akorede, a prominent figure in the All Progressives Congress (APC), has advised leaders of the Amalgamated APC Support Groups to exercise caution and avoid escalating tensions in the political landscape. His counsel comes in the midst of calls for federal appointments and acknowledgment from President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and the APC.

In a recent interaction with journalists, Akorede called for calm, emphasizing that the party and Tinubu’s administration are attuned to the concerns of the support groups. He assured members that the ongoing engagement between party leadership and government officials would address the genuine issues raised by the support groups.

While addressing concerns about potential neglect of the support groups, Akorede dispelled fears, asserting that the groups would receive due recognition for their substantial contributions to the party’s success in the 2023 general elections. As speculations circulate about Akorede potentially leading a new management of the Amalgamated APC Support Groups, set to emerge early next year following the dissolution of the current exco led by Dr. Nasiru Ladan and Hajia Maryam Yunusa Danjaki, the party chieftain expressed confidence in the support groups receiving their rightful place from both the party and the federal government.

In addition, Akorede encouraged members to prepare for the election of a credible leadership that would revitalize the amalgamated support groups. Highlighting the pivotal role these groups play as the cornerstone of the party, he pledged to provide them with a new and inclusive leadership that prioritizes accountability if given the opportunity to lead.

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