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Airline Pilot Passes Away Mid-Flight on Miami to Chile Route

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Aug 18, 2023

A tragic incident unfolded during a flight from Miami, U.S., to Santiago, Chile, when an airline pilot suddenly collapsed and passed away. The pilot, identified as Captain Ivan Andaur, aged 56, was at the controls of a LATAM Airlines flight with 271 passengers on board when he began feeling unwell three hours into the journey.

Captain Andaur’s health deteriorated rapidly, leading to his collapse in the bathroom of the aircraft. The flight crew promptly initiated emergency procedures and provided medical assistance to him. However, despite their efforts, Captain Andaur’s condition continued to worsen.

As the situation became more critical, the flight was diverted to Panama City’s Tocumen International Airport. Upon landing, first responders were on standby, but tragically, Captain Andaur, a seasoned pilot with 25 years of experience, was declared deceased.

The incident occurred during the LA505 flight, operated by a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, which had departed from Miami at 10:11 pm on Monday, August 14. The flight carried not only Captain Andaur but also had a relief captain and a first officer on board at the time of the occurrence.

A registered nurse, known by the name Isadora on social media, recounted the efforts made by medical professionals on the flight to revive Captain Andaur. She and fellow healthcare workers, including two doctors, joined forces to attempt resuscitation after he showed symptoms consistent with cardiac arrest.

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