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Flagging The Conscience Of Truth

Udengs Eradiri Pledges to Usher in a New Era of People-Centered Governance in Bayelsa State

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Oct 28, 2023

In his bid for the governorship of Bayelsa State, Udengs Eradiri, the Labour Party (LP) candidate, is determined to challenge and transform the culture of money-driven politics. As his campaign garners increasing grassroots support, Eradiri envisions a political landscape that prioritizes the welfare of the people over financial influence in the upcoming November 11 election.

Eradiri expressed his commitment to this cause during a campaign tour that took him to Nembe City, Opu Nembe, and Otakeme community in Nembe and Ogbia local government areas. Surrounded by a crowd of enthusiastic supporters and stakeholders, he outlined his vision for becoming a leader who would provide mentorship to young individuals and reinvigorate the state’s potential for success.

While addressing the ongoing crisis in Nembe, Eradiri extended his sympathy to the affected communities and promised that, if elected, his administration would concentrate on their development and put an end to politically-motivated conflicts. He highlighted the urgent need for a change in Bayelsa’s leadership and governance, emphasizing the state’s unfortunate status as one of the poorest in the country with a high rate of school dropouts.

Eradiri proclaimed, “I have the solution to the problems of the people, I have a stronger message than any other party flag bearer. Let us make a choice that we won’t regret tomorrow.” He pledged to alter the traditional approach to governance, focusing on delivering essential services, infrastructure, and opportunities for the people.

At Otakeme community, Eradiri promised to address youth unemployment and lamented the demise of more than 10 Bayelsa-owned businesses. He underscored the importance of government support for the prosperity of the people and decried the impact of cult confraternities on the region.

Eradiri proposed turning these cult organizations into agricultural associations to promote productivity and development. He shared his plans to invest in agriculture, citing the potential of local communities to excel in agriculture, such as Otuokpoti, known for its rice farming. He believed that such investments would ultimately lead to progress in the state’s agricultural sector.

In a plea to the electorate, Eradiri encouraged voters to accept money offered by wealthy individuals on election day but cast their ballots in his favor, emphasizing that choosing the right leader was paramount for the future of their children.

He concluded, “Your wrong choices in the past have kept your children where they are presently.” With his vision to demystify money politics, Eradiri seeks to bring about a positive change in Bayelsa’s political landscape.

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