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Peter Obi: June 12 Highlights Disturbing State of Nigeria’s Democracy

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Jun 13, 2023

Nigeria’s democracy, according to Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate in the election for president on February 25, is “deeply troubled.”

The former governor of Anambra State said the nation is looking for “solutions to too many basic problems” in a lengthy statement issued on Monday to mark June 12, the country’s Democracy Day.

He asserted that the ubiquitous lawlessness, violence, and bloodshed of today’s world contradicts these fundamental tenets of democracy.

However, he insisted that he was dedicated to a New Nigeria.

Obi noted, “Today is June 12, June 12 marked in our dear country as Democracy Day. It is a historic day that deserves to be celebrated.

“On that day in 1993, we the people of Nigeria stated our unreserved preference for true democracy. Though under military rule, we freely chose a transparent voting method. Our votes reflected our true choice as a people. Our choice on that day defied divisions of ethnicity, religion and region.

“It is these qualities that added up to make June 12 special in our search for true democracy.”

The Labour Party presidential candidate, however, warned about the uncertain nature of the country’s political landscape.

He continued, “However, the current state of our politics tells a different story. Our democracy is deeply troubled while our nation’s destiny remains uncertain and precarious.

“We remain a nation in search of solutions to too many basic problems. One of these is the search for a credible electoral system that would command the trust, confidence and belief of All Nigerians just like June 12 did.

“Regrettably, we are now in an era where these foundational pillars of democracy are undermined by prevalent impunity and pervasive violence and bloodletting.

“The trust deficit between the leaders and Nigerians continues to expand. The deficits of trust and efficiency in our last elections demonstrate this malady quite boldly.

“The challenge of June 12 and a dedicated Democracy Day is to inspire us to correct the errors of our recent elections. This is the surest way to restore the confidence of our people in the future of our nation and the promise of true democracy.

“I however urge us all not to lose faith in the inbuilt design of our democratic system to self-correct.”

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