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PDP Members Threaten Legal Action Over Grievances in Ward and Local Government Congresses

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Feb 12, 2024

Disgruntled members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) who participated in the recently concluded ward and local government congresses have indicated that they might resort to legal action if their concerns are not addressed by the party leadership.

Following the ward congress, nine governorship aspirants submitted a petition to the congress appeal panel, alleging irregularities during the process. Aslem Ojezua, speaking on behalf of the aggrieved aspirants, revealed that they boycotted the local government congress, emphasizing that the foundation laid during the ward congress was flawed.

Ojezua highlighted their approach to the appeal panel established by the party’s national leadership, expressing the need to rectify the perceived wrongs orchestrated by the Governor Peter Mbah-led Congress electoral committee from Enugu State.

While addressing the situation, Ojezua stressed that they are utilizing the party’s internal dispute resolution mechanism, awaiting a response from the party. However, he warned that if the party continues with its current actions, they will persistently remind them of the consequences of such arrogance and recklessness.

He stated, “We will take whatever steps available to us, but at the moment we have an internal dispute resolution mechanism of the party. We are taking advantage of that, even though the party has not responded, but we will do our bit.”

Ojezua urged their supporters and fellow party members to remain calm. He emphasized that, at the appropriate time, they would identify those responsible for the party’s challenges in Edo state, indicating a possible escalation to legal action if internal avenues for resolution prove ineffective.

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