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Ogbemudia Bassey Osagie Urges Swift Government Intervention as Protest Rocks Edo State

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Dec 1, 2023

Ogbemudia Bassey Osagie, reacting to the plight of stranded travelers and motorists in Benin, Edo State, amidst the protest over the deplorable state of the Benin-Agbor-Onitsha road, expressed deep concern for the inconvenience faced by the residents and commuters. Osagie emphasized the urgent need for government intervention to address the deteriorating condition of the road, acknowledging the impact it has on both daily activities and the economic well-being of the affected individuals.

In a statement, Ogbemudia Bassey Osagie stated, “It is disheartening to witness the distress faced by our fellow citizens due to the poor state of the Benin-Agbor-Onitsha road. This situation not only disrupts travel but also hampers commercial activities, affecting the livelihoods of many. I call on the relevant authorities to swiftly address this issue and ensure the timely repair of the road.”

Osagie further urged residents to engage in peaceful advocacy, emphasizing the importance of collective efforts in drawing attention to critical infrastructural challenges. “While we express our grievances, it is crucial to maintain peace and engage in constructive dialogue with the government to find lasting solutions to our infrastructure problems,” he added.

The politician extended sympathies to those stranded and reassured them of his commitment to advocating for improved infrastructure within the region. Ogbemudia Bassey Osagie pledged to work collaboratively with relevant stakeholders to address the longstanding issues affecting the Benin-Agbor-Onitsha road and ensure the well-being of the people.

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