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Lagos State Government Implements Temporary Road Closures to Facilitate Construction Projects

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Aug 10, 2023

In a strategic move aimed at expediting ongoing construction endeavors, the Lagos State Government has officially announced the temporary closure of specific road sections.

The impacted locations include the entrance to CMD Road and the Access Road to Isheri-Olowora on the Shagamu bound carriageway.

This development was unveiled by Abdulahfiz Toriola, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Transportation, who detailed the temporary road closures in an official statement released on Tuesday.

According to Toriola, the entrance to CMD Road will be inaccessible for a duration of three days, beginning from Wednesday, August 9. The temporary closure is crucial for the laying of the final wearing courseā€”a pivotal phase of the construction process.

Additionally, Toriola indicated that the Access Road to Isheri-Olowora on the Shagamu bound carriageway, situated near the pedestrian bridge at Berger bus stop, will experience a three-day closure starting from Thursday, August 10. This closure will facilitate preparatory works required for the reconstruction of the remaining half of the carriageway’s outer lane.

Toriola emphasized that a well-structured traffic management plan has been devised to mitigate disruptions during the construction period. From August 10, 2023, onwards, alternative routes will be provided for affected motorists:

  • Motorists approaching from Ojota Interchange will access CMD Road via the access road after the FMW weighbridge.
  • Those on Dr. Nurudeen Olowopopo will connect to CMD Road through Otedola Estate.

Furthermore, motorists bound for Isheri-Olowora, and intending to exit the expressway via the access before the Pedestrian Bridge at Berger bus stop, will be directed to use the next exit near New Garage for a smooth connection to Isheri-Olowora.

Toriola appealed to all motorists to cooperate with the deployed traffic management personnel, who will guide them efficiently to their desired destinations. This strategic approach underscores the Lagos State Government’s commitment to fostering smooth traffic flow and ensuring the successful completion of construction projects.

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