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How I Want to be Remembered as Emir of Kano – Muhammadu Sanusi II

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Jun 14, 2024

In a candid and reflective interview with select journalists in Kano, Emir Muhammadu Sanusi II shared insights into his aspirations and vision for the Kano emirate as he resumes his role following recent political developments. Emphasizing his belief in continuous learning and adaptation, Sanusi highlighted lessons learned during his temporary absence from the throne and outlined plans to apply these insights to drive meaningful change within the emirate.

During his time away, Sanusi achieved significant milestones, including completing his PhD thesis at the University of London on the codification of Islamic Family Law. This academic pursuit, focused on social reform through legal frameworks, provided him with fresh perspectives on critical issues such as child marriage, domestic violence, and women’s rights.

Reflecting on the socio-economic challenges faced by communities within the emirate, Sanusi emphasized the pivotal role of governance in addressing cultural and religious practices often misunderstood as barriers to progress. He underscored the importance of education and economic empowerment, particularly for women, as fundamental to overcoming these challenges. Drawing parallels with global practices, he highlighted Morocco’s successful initiatives in school infrastructure, transportation, and financial support for families as models worth considering.

Sanusi’s return to the emirate coincides with efforts to unify and strengthen its administrative structure, following the repeal of the State Emirate Council Law 2019 which fragmented the Kano emirate into multiple entities. His renewed focus on governance and economic management aims to bolster local development and address longstanding issues of poverty and social inequality.

Beyond his role as Emir, Sanusi remains committed to advocating for sound economic policies and engaging with the government on matters of national importance. His advocacy for efficient resource management and collaboration with the private sector underscores his belief in inclusive growth and sustainable development.

Looking ahead, Sanusi envisions a legacy characterized by progressive reforms, educational advancement, and socio-economic empowerment within the Kano emirate. As he continues to navigate the challenges and opportunities of leadership, his commitment to serving the community and promoting positive change remains steadfast, driven by a deep sense of responsibility and dedication to public service.

As Nigeria grapples with complex socio-economic realities, Sanusi’s leadership stands as a beacon of resilience and innovation, striving to uplift communities and secure a brighter future for generations to come. His journey, marked by intellectual rigor and a steadfast commitment to reform, epitomizes a vision of leadership rooted in compassion, integrity, and visionary thinking.

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