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Dive into Flavor Paradise with Zifa Foods’ Seafood Sensations Await You

ByWeb Manager

Aug 7, 2023

In a culinary landscape teeming with options, Zifa Foods stands out as a beacon of freshness and affordability. Iderikumo Okara, the driving force behind this venture, recently made waves when he attended the July 2023 edition of Conversations with the Don and the VIP intensive program. This dynamic entrepreneur is changing the game in the South South region’s seafood industry.

Under the banner of Zifa Business Ventures, trading as Zifa Foods, Okara and his team are redefining seafood shopping. With a delectable array of seafood, fish, snails, and groceries, Zifa Foods caters to the discerning palate and health-conscious consumers alike.

“People are always on the lookout for quality and value, and that’s exactly what we offer,” Okara emphasizes. “When you think of the freshest seafood in the South South, think of us.”

What sets Zifa Foods apart is not just the premium quality of their products but also their commitment to affordability. In a region where seafood can often come with a hefty price tag, Zifa Foods makes it a point to provide options that won’t break the bank.

Patronizing Zifa Foods isn’t just about savoring the finest seafood; it’s also a conscious choice to support a business that believes in quality without compromise. To reach out to Iderikumo Okara and his team, interested customers can connect via Calls/WhatsApp at 08177774098 or follow them on Instagram and Facebook (@zifafoods).

When asked about advice for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to tread a similar path, Okara’s wisdom shines through. “Start small to test the waters,” he advises, “and always seek out the most cost-effective sources for your raw materials.”

Despite the challenges that come with running a business, especially in the Nigerian context, Okara finds solace in football. “Football is my way of unwinding and recharging,” he chuckles. “It’s a different kind of excitement that helps me take on the challenges with renewed vigor.”

Iderikumo Okara’s journey with Zifa Foods is a testament to the power of innovation and resilience in the face of business hurdles. As he continues to provide South South with top-notch seafood and culinary delights, his story is a source of inspiration for entrepreneurs far and wide.

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