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CoreQuality CB Limited Spearheads Excellence in ISO Certification Across Nigerian Sectors

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Jan 16, 2024

Obioma Onwukwe Establishes CoreQuality CB Limited to Meet Local Certification Needs

In response to the escalating demand for indigenous certification bodies in Nigeria, Obioma Onwukwe founded CoreQuality CB Limited. The inspiration behind this endeavor was a recognition of the vital role played by local entities in providing top-tier management system certification services. CoreQuality CB aims to contribute significantly to the growth of industries in Nigeria by focusing on quality management systems, environmental management systems, occupational health and safety management systems, and various ISO standards across diverse sectors.

Setting the Standard: CoreQuality CB’s Distinctive Approach

In a competitive landscape of ISO certification bodies in Nigeria, CoreQuality CB Limited distinguishes itself through its indigenous focus and comprehensive services that go beyond certification. The firm’s dedicated team collaborates closely with clients, offering expertise in quality management, environmental management, occupational health and safety, and information security. CoreQuality CB’s commitment to leadership, high standards, and a client-centric approach solidifies its position as a reputable choice in the industry.

Tailoring Excellence to Diverse Industries

CoreQuality CB Limited tailors its services to meet the unique needs and challenges of diverse industries. The company employs customized approaches, including industry-specific training, tailored auditing protocols, sector-focused consultation, regulatory compliance support, benchmarking, customized documentation, continuous improvement strategies, and industry-specific forums.

Comprehensive Services: ISO Certification, Auditing, Training, and More

CoreQuality CB Limited provides a comprehensive suite of services, including ISO certification, auditing, training, testing, assessment, and calibration. The company covers a range of ISO standards such as ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, ISO 27001:2022, and ISO 22000:2018. These services are designed to ensure that clients’ management systems comply with specified ISO standards, fostering excellence in quality, environmental management, and safety.

Notable Success: CoreQuality CB’s Impact on IT Company’s ISO 27001 Certification

CoreQuality CB Limited recently played a crucial role in assisting an IT company in achieving ISO 27001 certification for Information Security Management. Through dedicated services, the company enhanced its information security practices, leading to increased trust among clients and positioning itself as a market leader in information security. This success resulted in attracting new clients and partnerships prioritizing secure data management.

Staying Ahead in a Dynamic Landscape: CoreQuality CB’s Commitment to Up-to-Date Standards

CoreQuality CB Limited stays ahead of changes in ISO standards through continuous training, membership in accredited bodies, internal audits, engagement with industry forums, collaboration with regulatory bodies, access to official ISO publications, client feedback, and industry insights. The company ensures its team is well-informed about the latest industry standards and best practices through periodic external training programs and certifications.

Future Goals and Aspirations: CoreQuality CB’s Vision for Leadership

Looking ahead, CoreQuality CB Limited aspires to become a leading force in the global ISO certification landscape. The company aims to achieve this by expanding its service offerings, gaining global recognition, fostering sustainable partnerships, empowering clients through education, adapting to industry changes, making a positive community impact, prioritizing employee development, and innovating certification processes. CoreQuality CB remains committed to promoting excellence, integrity, and continuous improvement in the industries it serves.

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