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Flagging The Conscience Of Truth

Bintabadmus Lady, A Name That Represents a Lifestyle

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Oct 18, 2023

In a world of fast fashion and ever-evolving trends, there exists a unique space for those who choose modesty as their style statement. Binta Badmus, the Founder of Bintabadmus Lady, recognized this niche in the fashion industry and decided to embark on a mission to redefine the way modest women approach fashion. We had the privilege of sitting down with Binta to delve into her inspiring journey, her brand, and the story behind the name.

Bintabadmus Lady isn’t just a modest fashion brand; it’s a vision brought to life. Established in 2017 when Binta was an undergraduate, the brand symbolizes a commitment to serving a segment often overlooked in the fashion industry – the modest woman. These are women who choose modesty for various reasons, be it personal, cultural, or religious. Bintabadmus Lady is dedicated to providing them with stylish and diverse fashion options that perfectly align with their preferences.

Binta’s journey into modest fashion started early. As a young girl, she found herself struggling with the revealing uniforms of her new school when her family relocated. These uniforms didn’t align with her values of modesty, and this experience left a lasting impression. Years later, as an undergraduate, Binta found herself frustrated with the lack of modest clothing options in the market. This frustration and the gap she noticed inspired her to establish her modest fashion brand, Bintabadmus Lady.

As for the unique name, Binta decided to name the brand after herself, for several reasons. First, it felt authentic and allowed her to put her name behind a brand she deeply believed in. Second, it established a personal connection with her audience, giving them the assurance that they were buying from a real person who shared their values. Finally, it was about leaving a legacy. Bintabadmus Lady isn’t just a brand; it’s a testament to women in the fashion industry who want to look elegant and conservative.

Bintabadmus Lady offers a range of modest clothing options thoughtfully designed for the modern modest woman. Their clothing features longer hemlines, ensuring comfort and confidence. High necklines add a touch of elegance to every outfit. The product range includes Maxi dresses, Abayas, Kaftans, corporate modest wear, occasional wear, and a delightful selection of accessories, from scarves to headbands and pins.

While many modest fashion brands often draw inspiration from Middle Eastern styles, Bintabadmus Lady differentiates itself through product innovation. Every design is crafted from scratch, offering truly unique pieces. The brand also prides itself on its strong community of modest fashion enthusiasts, fostering inclusivity, and sustainability. One size doesn’t fit all, and Bintabadmus Lady ensures women of all body sizes find fashion that embraces their unique body types.

Bintabadmus Lady is deeply personal and authentic. It represents not just a clothing line but a unique lifestyle and mindset. It’s a celebration of individuality within the world of modest fashion. The name holds deep meaning and significance for those who understand and resonate with this unique way of living and dressing.

Starting a business is never easy, and Binta faced several hurdles along the way. Initial lack of support from her parents, financial constraints, and resource limitations were significant challenges. Sourcing raw materials was another obstacle, but networking played a pivotal role in finding solutions. Despite these challenges, Binta learned the importance of persistence and adaptability.

From a one-person venture, Bintabadmus Lady has grown into a team of seven dedicated individuals. Their product line has expanded to include dresses and various accessories. Sustainability and ethics are deeply ingrained in their practices, embracing slow fashion and ethical practices.

Bintabadmus Lady has also been involved in charitable projects aimed at clothing women in need. They’ve teamed up with NGOs to provide clothing to those facing challenging circumstances. Their commitment to making a positive impact is central to their mission.

The future for Bintabadmus Lady is exciting and inclusive. They aim to lead the evolution of the modest fashion industry by integrating technology and enhancing accessibility and convenience. Their mission is to provide the best solutions for their customers and stay at the forefront of the digital landscape of modest fashion.

Binta and her team are passionate about connecting with like-minded modest women who appreciate the art of modest fashion. You can connect with Bintabadmus Lady on their Instagram page (@bintabadmuslady) or contact their dedicated customer support team at +2347067409281. Join their journey and become part of a movement that celebrates inclusivity, modesty, and elegance.

Bintabadmus Lady isn’t just a brand; it’s a lifestyle, a commitment to empowering modest women, and an expression of personal values within the world of fashion.

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