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Aisha Yesufu Slams PDP as a ‘Useless’ Party, Blaming Greed and Missed Opportunities for Election Losses

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May 25, 2023

Renowned social activist Aisha Yesufu has voiced her strong disapproval of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), labeling it as a party that has failed and continues to fail due to its own greed and inability to field Peter Obi as its presidential candidate in the 2023 elections.

In a series of tweets, Yesufu expressed her belief that the PDP could have secured victory in both the 2015 and 2023 presidential elections had they made the strategic decision to nominate Peter Obi as their candidate. However, she lamented that the party’s greed and arrogance led to their loss on both occasions.

“PDP was utterly ineffective in 2015, and regrettably, they remain just as ineffective in 2023. Both elections presented favorable opportunities for the PDP to claim victory, but they shockingly squandered those chances,” Yesufu stated.

She further criticized the party’s members for propagating conspiracy theories instead of acknowledging their own mistakes. Yesufu argued that the PDP’s arrogance and greed blinded them to the pulse of the people, ultimately resulting in their defeat.

“If only the PDP had chosen a different candidate or paid heed to the voices and concerns of the citizens, they could have emerged victorious in the 2015 election. However, their arrogance clouded their judgment,” Yesufu explained.

Referring to the 2023 election, she emphasized that the PDP missed another opportunity for success by neglecting to nominate Peter Obi.

Yesufu attributed the party’s failure to an ingrained sense of greed that has plagued its leadership.

“PDP failed in the past, and it continues to fail as it stubbornly disregards the clear signs of the times,” Yesufu asserted.

Aisha Yesufu’s candid assessment of the PDP’s shortcomings underscores the challenges the party faces in regaining the trust and support of the Nigerian people. As the political landscape evolves, it remains to be seen how the PDP will respond to these criticisms and reposition itself for future elections.

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