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ADC Optimistic About INEC Success in Off-Cycle Gubernatorial Elections, Stresses Commitment to Transparent and Prosperous Governance

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Nov 10, 2023

The African Democratic Congress (ADC) has expressed optimism about the Independent National Electoral Commission’s (INEC) ability to successfully conduct the off-cycle gubernatorial elections in Kogi, Imo, and Bayelsa on Saturday.

Speaking on the party’s prospects in Kogi, Mr. George Ashiru, the Lagos State ADC Chairman, emphasized that INEC should not encounter any challenges, given its experience and the reduced scope of managing elections in just three states.

Ashiru stated, “There is no reason for failure now that we just have three states. INEC has the resources it uses for 36 states now to focus on three states. We expect that this time around, technologies will not fail, and security forces will be able to ensure that people, INEC staff, and materials are protected to make votes count.”

He urged INEC and security agencies to ensure well-manned polling units, free from disruptions by unruly politicians, emphasizing the importance of transparency and security in maintaining the integrity of the democratic process.

Ashiru stressed, “If INEC does its job well, every contestant will accept and admit the results as being clear and transparent. Once there is any form of failure in any of the key cardinal principles of transparency and security, then democracy will be considered tampered with.”

Speaking specifically about the Kogi poll, Ashiru highlighted the ADC’s governorship candidate, Mr. Leke Abejide, as a leader who would bring a transformational approach to governance, free from the baggage of misrule and misconduct from past governments and elections.

He outlined the party’s commitment to social provision, economic value delivery, anti-corruption measures, and wealth creation for the common good. Ashiru expressed confidence in Abejide’s ability to deliver a prosperous Kogi, focusing on the welfare of the downtrodden.

“As a two-term member of the National Assembly, the people of Kogi will not regret choosing him as the next governor of the state,” Ashiru affirmed.

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